Addressing Robotics Education challenges and delivering the talent pool ready for market. Together we are transforming to own the opportunity. Robotics Skill Center of AICRA offer authorized training programs to support core automation technologies and career certification.

AICRA members gain instant credibility by using the AICRA brand and by becoming part of the India's largest community of Robotics & Automation Professionals. As the leader in the industry we want to put our research, resources and support in your hands! To learn more about AICRA resources and to join our community, browse the value of belonging resources below.

Benefits for AICRA Robotics Skill Center

Robotics Skill Center can use AICRA logo as an association for all its promotion

  • AICRA logo can be used for certification. Robotics Skill Center will be provided a student registration panel to access unique code that will be used for certification verification.
  • Robotics Skill Center can certify its students directly on 12 basis certificate programs and can conduct 3 Robotic Literary Program and 3 Professional Certification Test, which are the future technologies for next 20 years as per NAASCOM and Boston Consulting Group.
  • Student candidature will be accessible to member corporate and industry partners for placement opportunities.
  • AICRA member companies require technical professionals for all level and also share their relevant positions and openings with AICRA.
  • Also members may access the Certified Students directories of authorized AICRA Robotics Skill Center regularly. This way the industry and corporate get multiple certified students to connect and the students also with potential employers.
  • Updating as per industry recommendation will be informed to Institution time to time
  • In this way AICRA will support your Institution to build a long term sustainable eco system for the certified students on future technologies.

Robotics Literacy Programs (RLP)

  • O Level
  • A Level
  • B Level

Certification Programs

  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI Beginners).
  • Advance Certificate in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Certificate in Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Advance Certificate in Embedded System.
  • Certificate in Embedded System with AVR.
  • Certificate in Embedded System with ARM.
  • Certificate in Embedded System with PIC.
  • Certificate in Raspberry Pi.
  • Certificate in UAV Technology.
  • Certificate in Embedded with 8051/8052.
  • Certificate in Big Data & Hadoop.
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing

How can you be associated as AICRA RSC

If you are an institute, providing education in IT, Computer Science, Embedded System domain, you may apply to become authorized AICRA Robotics Skill Center.

Step1: Furnishing the following information regarding institute establishment

  • Basic information of the institute in terms of infrastructure, location, access, equipment etc.
  • Brief profile of the institute in terms of experience, faculty, credentials, endorsements etc.
  • Profile of the trainers assigned to each selected job role for training
  • Industry connect and evidence to show relationship with the industry

Step2:Application Form and Fee Structure

  • It's a mandatory to fill the prescribed Protocol Form and the Training Provider Assessment Procedure Form together.
  • Robotics Skill Center can choose its category ie Platinum, Gold and Silver. Basis category, a Robotics Skill Center will get credit in his account which can be used for multiple programs certification.
  • A Registered Robotics Skill Center may also send request to Research Team to add on new program for certification. If program is selected, it will be listed in website and panel.

AICRA may suspend or cancel an affiliation of the Robotics Skill Center because of any of the followings, but not be limited to

  • Non-compliance or violation of the AICRA requirement
  • Providing insufficient or incorrect information to AICRA
  • Failure to report any major changes in the training methodology
  • Non-payment of AICRA fees, assessment fees and agreed upon expenses
  • Any other condition deemed appropriate by AICRA
  • Failure to maintain confidential information as agreed

TTT Program Schedule

Monday O-Level RLP 1HR New Delhi (HO) 10:00 AM
A-Level 1HR 05:00 PM
B-Level 1HR 11:00 AM
Artificial Intelligence (Beginners) OCP 1HR 03:00 PM
UAV Technology 1HR 12:00 PM
Internet of things (IoT) 1HR 04:00 PM
Tuesday Advance Embedded System. OCP 1HR New Delhi (HO) 10:00 AM
Embedded System with AVR. 1HR 11:00 AM
Embedded System with ARM 1HR 12:00 PM
Advance Artificial Intelligence 1HR 02:00 PM
Wednesday Embedded System with PIC OCP 1HR New Delhi (HO) 10:00 AM
Raspberry Pi 1HR 12:00 PM
Embedded with 8051/8052 1HR 11:00 AM
Hand gesture Robotics STCP 1HR 02:00 PM
Thrusday Arduino STCP 1HR New Delhi (HO) 10:00 AM
Autonomous Robotics 1HR 12:00 PM
Gesture Control Robotics 1HR 02:00 PM
Bluetooth Control Robotics 1HR 05:00 PM
Friday IOT with Arduino STCP 1HR New Delhi (HO) 10:00 AM
IOT with Node MCU 1HR 12:00 PM
MATLAB with Robotics 1HR 03:00 PM
Mobile Control Robotics 1HR 11:00 AM
Quad Copter/ UAV 1HR 02:00 PM
Saturday Raspberry Pi STCP 1HR New Delhi (HO) 10:00 AM
VLSI 1HR 11:00 AM
Wireless Robotics 1HR 12:00 PM
X bee Controlled Robotics 1HR 02:00 PM