AICRA is proud to present the Second Edition of STEM Summit. The 2019 AICRA STEM Summit is a global, super-ecosystem event, trans-disciplinary in scope. The Summit is designed to breakdown silos, expand attendees' knowledge and forge collaborations, with the overarching collective goal to improve Robotics education in India and open gates for Research and Career Opportunities in Robotics. The AICRA STEM summit provides information on cutting-edge developments in all areas of STEM research from bench to bedside.As India's most prestigious stage for honoring excellence and building & reinforcing networks, The STEM summit is the place where thousands of India's finest minds gather, from top executives and innovative professionals, to the brightest STEM educators. This summit comprises of presentations, panels and round-table discussions to highlight robotics education scenario, industries automation process, government regulations and policies on automation implementation and research, manufacturing and other relevant topics.

Join us in New Delhi on **April 16, 2019** where we celebrate the incredible achievements of the top brass in India's Science and Engineering Sector! We are creating a distinctive futuristic experience, where all participants will collect valuable insights, find inspiration and discover opportunities to flourish.