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TechnoXian 4.0

This is the 3rd and the latest of our world class international robotics championship which was held on June 2018, held at Tyagraj Stadium, Delhi. Stealing the lime light for around 3 days of successfully hoisting the championship, it was a gig of its own. We still are giving away the walloping amount of 50 lakh rupees as the winning amount for encouraging the participants to put in their best foot forward.

From the last three years, our quest for hosting one of the humongous live robotic championships is not a small thing, and we are really proud that it has been such an encouragement for the participants from across the world, the latest edition was a the best of our accomplishments until now.

An increase in the participants shows that the popularization of the event is working like anything, which is why we try to bring you the best robotic championship and that too on an international level comprising various schools and college participants every year.

The cuisine and facilities were as amazing as the innovative idea of ours to bring in the best mind across the nation to show the potential in the world of robotics.