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TechnoXian 3.0

Still continuing our journey, we had a second edition of our international robotic championship on May, 2017 at Indira Gandhi Indoor Sports Complex, New Delhi, comprising a whopping prize of 50 lakh rupees which is the best motivation anyone could be facilitated with.

As expected, from our last edition, this was also a blistering event of its own kind with thousands of participant from all over the world, the war among the machines and all the adrenaline rush gives you a blissful high.

Our second installment of the world class championship was a success for anyone who was present there, irrespective of whether they are participants, or spectators, even the sponsors had their gala time. This time also we had a great number of participants from all across the world, with a reoccurrence of the teams from various schools and colleges who participated in the first edition.

Way better than the last time, our security and food were always a main attraction other than the world class level of competitions, be it at the robo-war or any such amazing competitions going around at the time of accomplishment of the event in a successful manner.