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TechnoXian 2.0

On July 2016, India witnessed a world class robotic championship, Technoxian. Organized by Times World Group, at IIT Delhi, with mesmerizing visuals and effects, providing a platform for the participants to show case their talent, and with an enormous amount of 20 lakh rupees as the prize for winning the championship.

With a unique identity of its own, this event of ours was a leap forward in the future for such international championship we will be hosting. Organized for more than thousands of participants, it was a jam packed event with entries from various schools and colleges all over the world.

Participants from across the globe and pan India, and a variety of different competitions all of this provided a visceral feeling to all the people who were witnessing the India's only robotic competition with all its glory.

Not only the championship part was amazing but the world class cuisines and all the amenities were of top notch and that is why we are dead sure of being one of the best to host a championship at such a huge level. All of these require a very big amount dedication and immense level of commitment which is the core for organizing such an event at this large level.