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17th April, 2014

On 17th April, 2014, Times World Group launched its first ever Robotic completion which mostly concentrated on Schools and College level participants.With the participation of more than half a dozen and that to in hundreds, aiming to be a game changer, which is aptly a convincing strategy, there will always be a need for some kind of competitiveness among the kids, so that they can learn something which was never in their particular area of interest.

Our journey with RoboFIESTA began in the year of 2014, and we are looking forward for the immense support and encouragement for making it a successful one ahead.We organize these competitions in association with Indian Institute of Technology, with a very basic objective of inculcating a feeling for educating the kids about Robotics and other Advanced Technology which is surely a future prospective of learning curve.

We have around 40+ Awards, for just being a whistleblower across nationwide in the field of Robotics Education. And with a tremendous figure of 2000 workshops, and 3200 projects RoboFIESTA is on a rocket ship that only goes up and with a 1400 client count, it becomes pretty evident in itself.