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Introduced Robotics Skill Centre

AICRA launches a program for upgrading you computer institute into a Robotics Skill Center. This is a way by which you can transform the learning and take an initiative to be a part of India's one and only robotic and automation movement.Together we will be transforming to own the opportunity to support core automation technologies and career certification.

By partnering with AICRA there will be immediate gratification in the form of instant credibility by using the AICRA brand and becoming a part if the India's largest community of Robotics and Automation education chain.With a wide range of Robotics programs you will be getting a chance to provide individuals with various kinds of certification courses and in this way a chance to have an increase in the revenue as well, now things might feel right, isn't it?
Why not give a try, and find out what all possibility is out there in the wild and open world of robotics of ours.