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The membership relationship with AICRA provides myriad offerings for learning, growth, community and professional success. Preview the value opportunities and Join today to create your own AICRA story.

AICRA members gain instant credibility by using the AICRA brand and by becoming part of the India's largest community of Robotics & Automation Professionals. As the leader in the industry we want to put our research, resources and support in your hands! To learn more about AICRA resources and to join our community, browse the value of belonging resources below.


Focus on common concerns and special needs specific to the Automation's core competencies that interest you. Communities are group within AICRA's membership based on a common interest in specific core competency areas.
A highly targeted source of Robotics education, information and interaction, communities benefit members through:
  • Focused Networking: Share work experiences and exchange best practices with colleagues
  • Active Online and Offline Discussion Area: Participate in a targeted discussion group to solve job related problems and assist fellow members with projects and career objectives
  • Targeted information: Keep current on the latest practices, trends and technologies
  • Targeted Resources: Access news, case studies, webinars, conferences, summits and other tools to enhance your knowledge and skills


Whether you are a technical professional, study or teach robotics programs, provide technical solutions, contribute to or have an interest in best workplace practices, you will find a place in the AICRA community.Professional membership is open to individuals who by experience give evidence of competence in an IEEE designated field. The designated fields are: Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Technical Communications, Education, Management, and Law and Policy

Corporate Membership

When you join The AICRA, you become instantly connected to a global network of professionals and companies engaged in Robotics Field, Get the resources and opportunities

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Institute Membership

Membership in AICRA indicates to prospective Colleges and Institutes that you are a step ahead of the crowd and actively involved in updating of your educational techniques

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Professional Membership

Its open to individuals who by experience give evidence of competence in an AICRA designated field i.e. Engineering, Computer Science and IT, Education, Technical Communication.

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Campus Ambassador

Students in universities or colleges, having interest in AICRA designated fields, building technical and leadership skills. Also should be able to drive activities in Campus.

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