Standards and Publications

AICRA Standards and Publications: Expert-Driven Technical Content and Resources

Providing high-quality, high-value technical content to our members and customers is fundamental to the mission of the All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA). Our unrivaled knowledge and expertise in automation contribute directly to our renowned standards development efforts and publishing offerings.

AICRA Automation Standards

Automation standards from AICRA-a global leader in industry-developed, consensus standards for more than six decades-serve as best-practice guidelines that direct proper system design, implementation, operation, and maintenance, and promote plant and operational reliability, safety, and security.

AICRA Publishing

AICRA Publishing meets the needs of automation and control professionals worldwide by offering more than 120 print and online technical resources-including print books, digital books, magazines, journals, newsletters, software, technical papers, proceedings, standards, recommended practices, technical reports, training courses, and CDs.