NxR Robotics Lab

We design the "NxR Generation Robotics Lab (NxR)" otherwise known as AICRA Certified Robotics Lab Center. The concept established with the motto of "Creating an eco-system where learners become inspired by robotics & automation technology, imbibe technology and get exposure to international competitions. We have conquered short term instructional courses, and now we are ready to look beyond it.

Robo Lab mixes the creativity and curiosity of young students with the hands-on education aspects of Science & Technology. With focus on Robot building and Science based activities, our learning methodology takes up innovative and challenging ideas and converts them in to solutions in the form of working robots or engaging science experiments.

Let us understand how robotic labs help all the stakeholders:

  • Students: A platform for students to integrate STEM streams
  • Teacher: Relate classroom concepts to real-life develop an affinity towards technology and increase students' motivation.
  • Management: Institute gets an integrated STEM Lab and global standard robotics program.
  • Parents: It instills core life skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving in children of different ages.

Type of NxR Lab

AICRA Technology covered under this lab would be all the implementation of electronic knowledge, new technologies in the field of embedded systems and robotics with special practical knowledge provided. We have 3 type of NxR Lab for education institutions:

S.No. Lab Section and Deatils Institute Membership
(Option 1)
Zero Inception Cost
(Option 2)
ATL Model
(Option 3)
1 Instrumentation Section
2 Mechanical Section
3 Electronics Section
4 Robotics Section
5 Software Section
6 UAV Section
7 3D Priniting Section
8 Individual Kits
9 In-house Training
10 Project based curriculum
11 Certification
12 Competitions focused projects
13 Revenue Sharing for Institiute

NxR Lab Features:

Institute can add-on Robotics as subject for its entire student' studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ISTEM). Low cost annual membership fee can be added in regular fee structure. All member students would be availing following benefits throughout year:

  • In-house training: Certified trainer would visit institute campus as per mutually decided schedule.
  • Study Materials: Comprehensive content developed with support of eDC - IIT Delhi and AICRA
  • Equipment and Kits: Robotics Lab will be equipped with latest components and instruments. Each member will be provided advance kit individually to develop innovative projects
  • Industry Visit: Best performing learners will be getting exposure to automation industry visit once in a year.
  • TTT Program: Project based training option can be opted for institute faculties. When and if required.
  • Online & Telephonic Support: All time support available for faculties who have gone through TTT Program throughout year.
  • Free Seminar: Twice in a year free seminar on updated technology in robotics field.
  • International Competition Preparation: Training and guidance to prepare learners to participate in International level of Robotics Competitions to represent institute.
  • Certification: Progressive certification (O, A and B Level) from Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA)

Besides of receiving well accepted certificate, learners would be able to make lots of advanced projects throughout the year. Some of the projects are:

  • Line Follower Robot
  • Mobile Controlled Robotic Car
  • Obstacle Avoider Robot
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot
  • Gesture Controlled Robot
  • Grid Solving Robot
  • GSM based Home Automation
  • Voice Controlled Robot
  • Quad Copter/ UAV
  • Swarm Robot
  • Brain Controlled Robot



  • Certificate O (Basic Robotics ) 1Year.
  • Certificate A (Advance Robotics ) 1Year.
  • Certificate B (Expert Robotics ) 1Year.


  • Develops scientific temperament and strengthens curricular concepts.
  • Nurtures creativity and innovation.
  • Developes logical and analytical thinking
  • Provides Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience.
  • Improves observational skills.
  • Builds confidence and motivation.
  • Preparing students for various robotics competitions.

Associate Service Providers:

To ensure best of the services for NxR Lab, AICRA certify companies and vendors to deliver and execute all service operations as per the standards and guidelines of AICRA. Following are the associate companies to support NxR Lab:

  • TIMTS: NxR Lab requires trained and certified trainers to deliver standard modules. TIMTS ensures experts to be hired from industry, their certification from AICRA and making them available for regular training at NxR Lab.
  • RoboHaat: NxR Lab requires genuine kits (designed specifically for NxR Lab) and components as per the standard of AICRA. RoboHaat ensures material arrangement at the most affordable cost duly approved by AICRA.

Note: Submit inquiry form to get a call back from associate for more details. You may also send your request at anjali@timesworld.in or call at (+91) 783-499-9907