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Institute Membership

AICRA provides a platform for leading education institutions, policy makers, thought leaders and academicians to come together and share knowledge and best practices. Over the last four years, AICRA has contributed immensely to the enhancement of robotics education in the country through its myriad programmes and service offerings in the area of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, STEM, research, publications and robotics development programmes.

AICRA Membership helps to provide a forum for mutual sharing of ideas, experience and expertise in Robotics and Automation. AICRA membership recognizes and honors contribution to robotics excellence at each level of the institute and represents the interest of the automation fraternity.

Membership Admission Procedure

New member shall consist of any academic institution or agency engaged or interested in training and in development of Robotics and future technologies. New members are enrolled on the financial year basis. Anyone admitted between April to march shall have to pay full year's subscription. To apply for membership, please fill in the Application Form in duplicate, and send it along which a demand draft for total amount of annual membership subscription (including GST), directly to the Membership Division of AICRA or pay online. After the application has been scrutinized by the AICRA Secretariat, the Council will consider and approve. Thereafter, the applicant will be intimated regarding the admission, giving the grade of membership to which admitted.

Institute Membership Benefits:

The general function of an AICRA technical division is to program technical papers, Internship programs, certification courses, workshops and like activities. Member institute can be benefited with all the activities. Institute can become authorized center for AICRA certified examination, enrolling its students for Internship programs that would enable them for future employment, organizing latest technologies workshops etc.

AICRA TIGs are groups (usually associated with AICRA technical divisions) of professionals, aligned by common technical interests, who meet in an electronic community to share information and ideas, discuss topics of interest, share documents, and answer questions posed by other community members. Member institute's chairman, HoDs may become the part of this professional group.

AICRA organize web seminars to increase awareness and technology up gradation. Enjoy unlimited, free access to all seminars as an attendee or as delegate. Members may also access online pre-recorded web seminars covering today's hottest topics.

Receive a free, qualified subscription to the digital version of f-Tech, the premier magazine for robotics and automation professionals, and a free subscription to Automation Weekly e-newsletter.

AICRA member companies requires technical professionals for all level. Institute members may share there student's resume for all relevant positions. AICRA certified students would be getting multiple options to connect with potential employers.

Take pride in supporting the society that recognizes institute through professional certification programs. AICRA offers the Certified Technology Professional (ACTP), and Certified Technology Expert (ACTE) programs, and support the development of the licensure program.

Proudly display your affiliation with AICRA by using the AICRA member logo with your institute/university

As an AICRA member, you may offer or avail discounts on your products and services to other members. Discounts information will be highlighted on members dashboard.

AICRA organizes conferences, summits and seminars on various latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IOT, STEM, Robotics and many more. These events deliver technical information and networking opportunity. Come face-to-face with fellow AICRA practitioners as you learn, share, and network.

Opportunity to showcase your education services to your target group. AICRA organize target specific exhibitions that help organizations to connect and receive value for money. Member exhibitors gets discounts upto 25%.

AICRA organizes four prestigious awards every year i.e. India STEM Award, Global AI Award, Global IOT Award and India Business Award. Members get either Free or discounted Nomination.

INR 20000

  • 1 year

INR 35000

  • 2 year

INR 45000

  • 3 year

For further details, please contact :
Ms Alka Sachdeva
Secretary - Membership & Corporate Relations
Mobile no. (+91) 7834999915

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