Industry Audit

AICRA assists companies in planning and executing audits more efficiently by automating the steps in the audit lifecycle, including; scheduling, preparing, responding and corrective action.AICRA offers the ability to track and manage internal and external audits, enabling companies to schedule audits in advance, manage auditor workloads, and ensure FDA requirements are met. This data enables companies to prioritize resources across the organization for true enterprise management.

The Audit Execution Package expands the audit capabilities of AICRA beyond the core strengths of quality and workflow management by offering a solution that enables auditors to become more efficient in their daily activities. The solution drives efficiency within the audit process by enabling auditors and/or audit process owners to design audit plans or checklists with as little or as much flexibility as standards and corporate policy dictates. Audit plans are authored and are associated with specific audit records that can be organized into sections and sub-sections of focus areas that are exported off-line with key AICRA data. Auditors are able to document results in real time while on site. The completed audit is imported back into AICRA providing the consistency in data needed to evaluate audit program effectiveness.


The focus of the Audit Execution Package is to build upon existing AICRA strengths to complement the auditing solution. The Audit Execution Package "bridges" all of the components involved in an audit including the Audit Record, Finding Records and Audit Plan in a single, intuitive UI that can be utilized while not connected AICRA. Keeping all audit information in one place ensures data integrity.Implementing AICRA for audit management processes coupled with the Audit Execution Package not only enables the execution of audits, but also provides functionality for follow up actions on all identified findings and action plans. Powerful user dashboards, reporting and automated business rules and escalation paths can be implemented in conjunction with all aspects of the audit management lifecycle.


  • Allows for the creation of company-defined audit plans that can be designed with as little or as much flexibility as standards and corporate policy dictates
  • Presents audit information to the user in a cohesive, intuitive format, with the inclusion of dynamic navigation, structured data fields and a rich text authoring capability
  • Provides audit reports in real time, in the field, without having online connectivity
  • Reduces risk by enabling consistent and harmonized audit processes across the organization
  • Delivers an innovative solution that is compliant with a wide variety of global regulatory and industry standards