FutureTech as the name depicts is related to Future Technology and defines and justifies its name by providing its readers all the information in accordance to the technology and innovations that are in process, it is not only that but also the use of technologies with upcoming innovations in future.

FutureTech is all about Technology, Innovations and about those who are contributing towards the society in terms of technology - the innovators, technologists, and all of us.

FutureTech will discuss in depth the technology, relating every field of life and how technology will affect our life in the new ways to make, manage, mend and deliver services as per the high demand for advanced automated production systems.

Highlights of FutureTech:

  • Distribution over 50,000 in first quarter to Government Departments, Universities, Institutes and leading corporate and research & scientific organizations.
  • Availability at 2500 top retailers at airport, railway stations, main markets and high streets in leading cities.
  • The magazine will be displayed at prominent outlets at airports, railway stations, shopping malls and high streets.
  • 60% of its readers would belong to the combined Sec A1 and A2 socio economic groups - the Sec A Group
  • 40% readership would be HoDs / Students/ Tech executives in corporate/ Businessmen/ Industrialists Executives, Self-employed professional and people of positions of authority

Here we would like to propose you for magazine subscription and opportunity to advertise that would give you greater visibility and impact for your company/ institute.

For further details, please contact:
Alka Sachdeva
Section Officer - AICRA Publications
Mobile: (+91) 7834-9999-15
Email Id: alka.sachdeva@aicra.org