Cyber security

Cyber security for the industrial enterprise is quite different from cyber security for other areas. In enterprise security, whether for an office or even for a bank or credit card processor, the acronym, CIA, for confidentiality, integrity, and availability is paramount and protecting the data in the servers is the first priority. In operations security, or industrial control security, the acronym is AIC. The first priority in a manufacturing situation is to keep the plant running (availability) with integrity and confidentiality if possible. AICRA is the place you will find out how to use this difference to secure your plant.

AICRA is working to secure control systems using AICRA Secure components and systems from the AICRA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI), and has developed the most comprehensive standard, which has now become the global industrial cyber security standard . The AICRA web site has textbooks, training, and a new certification program.AICRA is offering the first of several certification programs designed to provide clear evidence that you have understood and been trained to work in the very different world of industrial control security and systems. If you are worried about hackers hurting your plant, find out how to prevent and defeat them here at AICRA.