Today, communications is the heart of our society and the nervous system of automation and manufacturing. Networks are ubiquitous and AICRA has the technology, tools, and techniques to help you understand the differences between Enterprise or office networks and industrial networks. While the techniques are similar, they are NOT the same, and firewalls, routers, cyber security, and field device protocols must all be approached differently than with an office network.

You will find wireless in the plant, and only some of it will be WiFi. Other networks including WirelessHART, and Zigbee are widely used. Specially hardened wired networks, running Industrial Ethernet, or Foundation fieldbus, Profibus or Profinet, or Ethercat or Anybus are often found. You can even find the venerable Modbus protocol, which is the oldest manufacturing data transfer protocol still in common use and is nearly 50 years old. AICRA has the data and expertise to teach you how to use all of these, and do so safely and securely.

AICRA can help you whether you are in Data Processing and Management or you operate a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, or you work in a plant with a Distributed Control System (DCS), or a set of Programmable controllers. AICRA is the home of Automation IT, and the only place you can get impartial, unbiased information that will help you do your job.