Embedded System with 8051/52
Eligibility (Best suited for B.Tech/BE 1st, 2nd & 3rd year all streams)
Duration 45 Days

Course Curriculum

  • Starting a New File
  • Invoking the Sketcher Workbench
  • Setting Up the Sketcher Workbench
  • Understanding the Sketcher Terms
  • Drawing Sketches using the Sketcher Tools
  • Drawing Display Tools
  • Other Sketching Tools
  • Drawing Ellipses
  • Drawing Splines
  • Editing and Modifying Sketches
  • Constraining Sketches
  • Concept of Iso-Constrained Sketches
  • Adding Geometrical Constraints
  • Analyzing and Deleting Over-Defining Constraints
  • Exiting the Sketcher Workbench
  • Creating Base Features by Extruding
  • Creating Base Features by Revolving Sketches
  • Dynamically Rotating the View of the Model
  • Modifying the View Orientation
  • Display Modes of the Model
  • Assigning Material to the Model
  • Importance of Sketching Planes
  • Reference Elements
  • Reference Planes
  • Other Sketch-Based Features
  • Advanced Modeling Tool
  • Creating Hole Features
  • Creating Fillets
  • Creating Chamfers
  • Adding a Draft to the Faces of the Model
  • Creating a Shell Feature
  • Editing Features of a Model
  • Reordering Features
  • Measuring Elements
  • Transformation Features
  • Mirroring Features and Bodies
  • Working with Additional Bodies
  • Adding Stiffeners to the Model
  • Advanced Modeling Tools
  • Creating Rib Features
  • Creating Slot Features
  • Creating Lofted Features
  • Creating Removed Loft Features
  • Need of Surface Modeling
  • Wireframe and Surface Design Workbench
  • Creating Wireframe Elements
  • Creating Surfaces
  • Operation on Shape Geometry
  • Surface Operations
  • Creating Projection Curves
  • Transformation Features
  • Solidifying Surface Models
  • Inserting Components in a Product File
  • Moving Individual Components
  • Moving and Rotating by Using the Manipulation Tool
  • Moving Components by Using the Snap Tool
  • Moving Components by Using the Smart Move Tool
  • Applying Constraints
  • Creating Base Part in the Top-Down Assembly
  • Creating Subsequent Components in the Top-Down Assembly
  • Creating Subassemblies in the Top-Down Assembly

Course Registrations


  • Internship certification from industry
  • Certification by AICRA
  • Working exposure with industry experts
  • Profile sharing with AICRA member companies

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 45 Days
  • Course Fee: 9999 INR