Building Automation Solution

BAS systems are microprocessor based controller networks installed to monitor and control buildings operation and services such as energy, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and lifts. BAS represent overall 70% of energy consumption of the building including lighting and all. It also included disaster management system to save the structure from natural disaster. It is estimated that 10-30% increase in building efficiency can be achieved by efficient building management system. A study by Navigant Research shows that revenues for global commercial building automation systems will grow from $58 billion in 2013 to $101 billion in 2021.

The BAS supports a user interface (UI) that allows operators to program and maintain set-points, generate alerts on abnormal conditions, and execute scripts similar to a programmable logic controller (PLC). Current generation BAS systems are now based on open communications protocols and are WEB enabled allowing integration of systems from multiple system vendors and access from anywhere in the world.

AICRA understands the benefit of Smart BAS, with this taking some concrete steps in developing technology and solution for the same. AICRA successfully developed smart solutions that can save upto 30% of the enegry in a traditional building. A smart and proactive safety system that lead to reducing life risk in hazards situations. With advance commucation protocol making buiding to commucating with neighbour building.

Type of solution:

  • Intelligent energy and water management.
  • Smart & Proactive Safety System
  • HVAC & Vantilation managemet
  • Lift & hydraulic system

Our Skills

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    Robotics Program
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