Internet of Things will Redefine Life; it is not just technology but will change how we live, work, com-mute, consume, entertain and more. Powered by connectivity and computing, IoT aims to connect peo-ple, devices and accessories and events in a seamless manner to simplify the process of simpler tasks and impriove the quality of complex decision making. Developments in the related fields of artificial intelligence, robots / ibots and M2M communications promise a more connected world.

Why to Attend

  • Key CEO Panel on future of IoT in India.
  • Dedicated Session on IoT and Future of Marketing.
  • Key discussions on Machine vs User , Hardware vs Software.
  • Focussed Panel on IoT , Big data and enhancing customer experience with IoT.
  • Be a part of a world-class event.

This year, the India IoT Summit will feature a Panel Discussion on the future of IoT in India, and key discussions will revolve around IoT, Big Data and enhancing customer experience with IoT.The panel discussion will delve into some very interesting topics relating to the IoT industry, specifically focusing on -

  • IOT's role in influencing and evolving the automobile industry.
  • Harnessing the power of IoT to transform Manufacturing
  • Smart Manufacturing using IoT

Reasons to Attend

  • Connect with the India's top thought leaders, decision makers, investors and influencers.
  • Give high-touch visibility to your work or products and services.
  • Break the silos: forge collaborations and relationships across disciplines.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of hot topics and future trends.
  • Be a part of a world-class event.

Who should attend?

  • Formal & Informal Educational Stakeholders including CEOs / Directors / Principals / Deans and Senior Management.
  • IT, Education Ministries, Councils, Associations, Agencies & Media.
  • Automation, Manufacturing, Suppliers & Allied Industry.
  • Corporate, Franchisors and investors.
  • Investors, NBFC, Micro-finance companies into Micro-Finance with focus on Education, IT sector.
  • Researchers, Scientists, Scholars and students having interest Robotics technology.