Internet of Things will Redefine Life, it is not just technology but will change how we live, work, com-mute, consume, entertain and more. Powered by connectivity and computing, IoT aims to connect peo-ple, devices and accessories and events in a seamless manner to simplify the process of simpler tasks and impriove the quality of complex decision making. Developments in the related fields of artificial intelligence, robots / ibots and M2M communications promise a more connected world.

Why to Attend?

  • Key CEO Panel on future of IoT in India.
  • Dedicated Session on IoT and Future of Marketing.
  • Key discussions on Machine vs User , Hardware vs Software.
  • Focussed Panel on IoT , Big data and enhancing customer experience with IoT.
  • Be a part of a world-class event.
  • IOT's role in influencing and evolving the automobile industry.
  • Harnessing the power of IoT to transform Manufacturing
  • Smart Manufacturing using IoT

Reasons to Attend?

  • Connect with the India's top thought leaders, decision makers, investors and influencers.
  • Give high-touch visibility to your work or products and services.
  • Break the silos: forge collaborations and relationships across disciplines
  • Stay on the cutting edge of hot topics and future trends
  • Be a part of a world-class event

Who should attend?

  • Formal & Informal Educational Stakeholders including CEOs / Directors / Principals / Deans and Senior Management
  • IT, Education Ministries, Councils, Associations, Agencies & Media
  • Automation, Manufacturing, Suppliers & Allied Industry
  • Corporate, Franchisors and investors
  • Investors, NBFC, Micro-finance companies into Micro-Finance with focus on Education, IT sector
  • Researchers, Scientists, Scholars and students having interest Robotics technology